Look at what God has given Thomas Rhett: two beautiful girls and a beautiful wife who raises him. The superstar brings him back to his new video titled “Look what God gave him”, which invites his family to be the center of attention, while paying tribute to all women.

When the video starts, we only see Rhett playing the guitar in a white room when the sun rises. The camera shows the star of the country moving towards its battery in the “sky”; Yes, Rhett is in the “sky”, as the letters suggest. Of course, the wife Lauren is present, as well as the two girls of the couple, Willa Gray and Ada James, but this was not initially planned in the video plan.

“They were not supposed to be in the video,” Rhett told People about her 3 and 1 year old girls. “They stood there, they had their ballerina skirts and, in the middle of a shot, we just ran and we kept the shot.”

“Because every time they are there, it makes things sweeter,” adds the proud father.

Other women appear throughout the video and are not instantly recognizable as they are not actresses.

“Instead of hiring actors for the video, we met the founder of Love One and his family, the women of Thistle Farms and an extraordinary artist who also created our art for the unique cover that will be presented. as well as my wife and daughters have been such a special experience, “Rhett told The Boot.


“When we started talking about the clip, it was natural to include Lauren, but I also wanted to include other inspiring women doing incredible things,” she says.

Rhett co-wrote “Look What God Gave Him” ​​with his father Rhett Akins, alongside Julian Bunetta, John Ryan and J Cash. The song will be on their next album Center Point Road, a 16-song album that will be released on May 31.

Rhett will begin his hot summer tour on April 24th. Dustin Lynch and Russell Dickerson will be joining dates, as will Akins.

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