Last November, Mumford & Sons published Delta, their initial set of new material as 2015. In support of this launch, the British folk-rock outfit surfaced the popular music video for Delta only”Beloved.”

Mumford And Sons

Since the manager clarified in a statement:

Port Talbot has been an wonderful location. In all honesty it was someplace I had not thought about before the group mentioned it. However, as soon as we began looking at images of Port Talbot, we understood it was fantastic. It turned out to be a proper lovely place with an wonderful sense of community but nevertheless maintained that sort of grit we were searching for.

The group’s lead vocalist and frontman shared his ideas behind the only:

Everybody understands loss in 1 manner or another. This song is all about that. I had never sat with anybody since they expired before, and it had an impact on me. As it will everybody I know who’s undergone it. But there is wildness and beauty in it also, and a profound honouring, which became the flames of the tune we worked called”Beloved.” I’m determined for folks to take anything they need out of it, and to not be mentally prescriptive.

View Mumford & Sons’ official video for”Beloved” under:

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