Need to perform at a Lana Del Rey show?

It could occur — in case you’re a skilled neighborhood act in Nashville, Albuquerque or one of different urban areas the pop star has arranged on her present visit.

On Tuesday, Del Rey took to Twitter and said she was searching for neighborhood acts to show up at forthcoming visit stops.

“What up! We’re going to jump out and about from Albuquerque to Nashville, and everything in the middle of… .let me know whether you have any most loved acts in every town we’re going to so we can get them up in front of an audience to sing, Sioux Falls I’m taking a gander at you,” she tweeted.

Lana Del Rey Tweet

Before you residue off that old Fender and recover the carport rally, think about that the bar seems, by all accounts, to be set really high for those that Del Rey will welcome in front of an audience. For example, the nearby demonstration who showed up with Del Rey at her show not long ago was none other than Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Joan Baez.

The two stars did a two part harmony on the Baez great “Precious stones and Rust.” Del Rey then moved to one side, and Baez did an independent variant of the Bob Dylan excellence “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.”

For good measure, Del Rey brought out Adam Cohen — child of Leonard Cohen — and the two played out an extraordinary take of his father’s “Chelsea Hotel #2.”

All things considered, Del Rey has opened the entryway, if a tad. Thus, take her up on her tweet and let her comprehend what nearby acts ought to show up at her up and coming shows.

Furthermore, — who knows? — perhaps that neighborhood demonstration is you.

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