The Chicago Caribbean Carnival Association (CCCA) is an organization formed to promote and enhance Caribbean history through culture and education. CCCA’s Executive Body is comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and the Publicity Secretary. In addition, two advisors and several subcomittees contribute their time to assist the executive body with organizational responsibilities.

All positions are voluntary and without financial compensation, except for reimbursement of reasonable and approved expenses.

In following with our Preamble:

WE INSPIRE TO fulfill our common desire for advancement and progress through organizational and individual cooperating and unity, based on a sense of common heritage and purpose.

PLEDGE TO marshal our resources for building a sound socio-economic and cultural base beneficial to all; to design and implement educational programs and activities that contribute towards our development; and

PLEDGE TO cooperate with other private and public institutions and individuals to advance the interest of our community; to increase awareness and understanding of our history, culture, and contemporary issues.

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Organization Goals & Projects

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