C a r i f e t e is masquerade on the street representing a kaleidoscope of colors, cultures and artistry and a celebration for people of every age, race and creed. The festive ambiance of this event is created through a colorful parade of costumed participants accompanied by mobile music (live, D.J’s, or Steeldrums). Themes represent fictitious characters brought to life, which represents the domains of history, nature or fantasy. The entire parade exemplifies a cultural extravaganza including the musical genre of Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Punta and Zouk; dances to match the music & cuisine from the Islands of the Caribbean and the Americas.

For the past several years, Carifete has been an integral part of Chicago’s multicultural heritage. It entertains and excites — from the brilliant and dazzling costumes that add a myriad of colors to the city, to the pulsating rhythms of the steel bands, soca and calypso music – drawing people of all ages. Chicagoans and visitors alike to witness this cultural extravaganza. Carifete entices willing onlookers to participate. It is the ultimate Caribbean experience!!!

Waaaiiit a minute I am confused so what is Carnival?

So would you like to join in the celebration???

Double click to meet some of our Band leaders… contact information and website if it is available.

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